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Vienna is the world’s capital of music — The Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Boys Choir set the international tone, while the State Opera House and the Golden Hall at the Musikverein are among the world’s leading venues. Traditional strengths endure to this day — the Vienna sound pioneered by local DJs enjoys worldwide popularity. Allow yourself to be captivated by hit musicals, discover the essence of music during concerts at the Musikverein and Konzerthaus ...

Welcome to the world’s music capital! More famous composers have lived here than in any other city – in Vienna, music is literally in the air: Waltzes and operettas have their home here, and so do musicals "made in Vienna," which have conquered international audiences.

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Vienna is old, Vienna is new - and filled with variety: from magnificent Baroque architecture to the "golden" Jugendstil era, to the modern architecture of today.  And more than 100 museums are an irresistible  magnet for visitors...

Vienna boasts more than 100 museums - important collections of world-wide stature, as well as those that are quite small and curious.  Go there, look and be amazed!

Viennese architecture is booming:  Dominique Perrault is about to build a tower here, Jean Nouvel is currently building on the Donaukanal and Coop Himmelb(l)au's kinked apartment tower presses up against the old Gasometer building. The new main station is currently taking shape (just on the computer for now) ... Vienna is busy building like did 100 years ago.

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We hope you have a wonderful time in our beautiful city of Vienna!

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