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Member of Small Luxury Hotels

The Hotel Tyrol is memeber of Small Luxury Hotels of the Wordl,  an unsurpassed collection of over 520 luxury hotels in more than 70 countries worldwide. The Luxury Hotel Experience is completely unique. From a London pied-à-terre to a private island in the Seychelles, the unrivalled portfolio boasts over 520 intimate and privately owned hotels, many of which have been in the same family for generations, all of which pride themselves on a personalised service tailored to your specific needs.

Member of Privat City Hotels

The Hotel Das Tyrol is member of PrivateCityHotels, a co-operation of selected successful privatly owned cityhotels, that unite individual uniqueness and reliable high qualityfor our guests.

Holiday fun, as individual as our guests themselves: PrivateCityHotels promise unforgettable experiences in unique, successfully privately managed hotels in Nuremberg, Salzburg and Vienna.

Each single hotel captivates through its very own charm. But there is one thing our guest can always rely on: first-class quality and excellent service are the hallmarks of the high requirements we demand of ourselves – a standard you can rely on.

LIFESTYLEHOTELS - individual & stylish

LIFESTYLEHOTELS – individual & stylish

The global crisis is currently making a lot of people feel insecure. There is a strain on the environment and the future is uncertain for many. Not a good time, you may think. But as values change so does our society, and we at LIFESTYLEHOTELS believe that the current situation also offers great opportunities and positive aspects. Imitations are being replaced by true innovations. Quality is no longer just a matter of packaging or labels, but of the ability to retain value. "Eco-friendly" is no longer just a buzzword but a real part of our lives. Many of our hotels have recognised this for quite some time. For example, the Hotel Loisium, with its innovative architectural design by Steven Holl, has become a new landmark in the midst of Austria's Wachau, a cultural landscape rich in tradition.

The fact that exceptional design is only justified when it is accompanied by high quality is proven by hotels like the Luna2 Private Hotel in Bali, the i-Suite Hotel in Rimini or the hotel Palazzina G in Venice. Especially for our hotels in the Alps, the term "eco-friendly" is not just a green-coloured emblem on the hotel's door, but something that has naturally become a part of everyday life to create a symbiosis with the spirit of the times. Whether this means using primarily organic regional products in their cuisine, like at the Mohr Life Resort in Leermoos, or placing an emphasis on natural materials like at the MO Lodge in Gschurn, environmental awareness is the "state of the art" here.

The term "lifestyle" has become hackneyed as a result of overuse in the past. But we have always understood it as a style of living that defines itself through innovation, aesthetics, quality and a sense of responsibility for others and the environment. Our hotels are selected according to these criteria and precisely reflect our concept of "lifestyle".

Escapio Hotels

Finding an outstanding hotel with that special feel-good factor can take time. Escapio makes researching and booking your dream hotel easy.

Escapio is the leading German booking website for handpicked, unique hotels. Our hotels are subject to strict acceptance criteria including a convincing overall concept, perfect service and excellence in customer satisfaction.

Escapio solves the problems faced by discerning individual travelers looking for a high-quality vacation and wanting to book an exceptional hotel.

Escapio categorizes hotels according to lifestyle criteria. There are romantic hotels for honeymoons, stylish design hotels for city trips or luxury hotels for the most extravagant of vacations.

Escapio means escape: getting away, escaping everyday life, evading the multitude of flummoxing hotel offers. For people who love traveling; whether spontaneous or planned, for business or pleasure. For vacationers who associate travel with a great memories of special hotels.

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