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The Tyrol Collection

Contemporary Art at its Best

Helena Ramsbacher has always had a passion for contemporary art. She has collected select works of art by international and Viennese artists. Since 1999, she has been the owner of Das Tyrol. Parts of her collection are now displayed in the hotel. Helena Ramsbacher herself chose art pieces for each of the 30 hotel rooms as well as for the public areas of the hotel – and thus shares the Tyrol collection.

According to Helena Ramsbacher's passion, the focus of the Tyrol collection is on contemporary Viennese and international artists, many of whom have ties to the city of Vienna: Rosemarie Benedikt's coati are part of the collection as are several intensive works by Emmerich Weissenberger. Ludmilla Alexandrova is represented with her works "Chess - the Game of Queens", "I Love You", and "Circus".

The Vienna collection of the Ukrainian artist is open to the public, and her studio is in the Ringstraße galleries. Richard Jordan's "Shadows in the Mirror", Kiki Kokelnig's famous heads made of Murano glass, and Sabine Christmann's still lifes are part of the collection. Works by Lucia Riccelli, Ute Aschbacher, Josephine Scianna, Anselm Glück, Harding Meyer, Martá Czene, Veronika Dirnhofer, Tagaki Saeko, Markus Prachensky, Attila Adorjan, Hermann Nitsch, Pia Arnström, and Susanne Pörner can also be seen. Works by Gunter Damisch, Tom Fleischhauer, Bernhard Ammerer, Elke Huala, Miguel Henz, Katherina Mair, Roger Krall, Thomas Naegerl, Dieter Koch, Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer, Wolfgang Wiedner, Benedict, Loretta Stats, Veronika Zillner, Dejan Dukic, and many others make the collection fascinatingly diverse. The Tyrol collection currently includes around 1,000 pieces - and is constantly growing…

Hotel has wonderful decoration and art – lovely staff – great experience.

Hotel Guest Book 2014, couple from Plymouth, MA, USA

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