Town Hall

Vienna town hall on the Ringstrasse

History of the Building 

In the middle of the 19th century, Vienna was growing bigger and bigger.  More and more communities on its outskirts were becoming integrated into the city, whilst its population was also growing.  And so it was that the old town hall, which stands on Wipplingerstraße, soon became too small to administer the city.  The search began for a suitable site for the building of a new and bigger town hall.  Under the direction of the city's mayor, Cajetan Felder, 64 design proposals were submitted by architects from Austria, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy.  The design by Friedrich Schmidt was ultimately commissioned in 1868.

By 1883, the time had finally come: The new building was officially opened.  And by 1885, the city council was able to get to work in its new location.

Selecting a site for the new town hall 
It wasn't easy finding a suitable place for the new town hall.  Initially, a site opposite the Stadtpark was considered. Mayor Cajetan Felder wanted the new building to stand on the Josefstädter Glacis, a parade ground.  He told this to Friedrich Schmidt, whom he eventually won over. And so it is that today's town hall stands on the very site across from the Burgtheater that had originally been chosen by Felder himself.

Laying the final stone 
Cajetan Felder had already retired prior to September 12, 1883, and Mayor Eduard Uhl "forgot" to invite the former mayor to the ceremony.  Felder was so insulted by this, that he never did enter the building.  But it is said that he would take a carriage ride past the town hall every day, in order to look upon "his" work.

A 15-minute walk from Hotel Tyrol.

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