Imperial Chapel in Vienna

The Four Choirs of the Vienna Boys Choir

Today the Vienna Boys Choir boasts around 100 active choristers divided up into four different choirs.  The four choirs enjoy equal status, though they all have different duties: tours, performances at the Imperial Chapel, concerts and appearances in Vienna and throughout Austria, audio and film recordings, special projects.  Each choir has its own choir director and a team of teachers.  Brothers get to sing in the same choir.

The choirs are named after four composers with close ties to the history of the Vienna Boys Choir: Anton Bruckner, Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Schubert.

A 10-minute walk from Hotel Tyrol.

1., Hofburg, Schweizerhof Tram D, J, 1, 2, Bus 57A: Burgring
Tel. 533 99 27

Internet: http://www.wsk.at

and the Imperial Chapel