Schönbrunn Zoo

Up until the early 1970s, a range of enclosures for wading and water birds, elk, alpine ruminants, penguins, bears and seals were built. All were designed as outdoor facilities.

Additional milestones in this era were the inauguration of a Children's Zoo (1969) and the creation of a Zoo Education Department (1976). Despite these advances and despite the often spectacular breeding successes (for example, in 1961 Schönbrunn was the first in the world to captive-breed the European white-tailed eagle), the zoo soon had to fight an image problem. The animal holding facilities were considered to be obsolete and visitor numbers began to decline.

The foundation of the "Schönbrunner Tiergarten GmbH" in 1991 finally silenced all discussions on closing the zoo or moving it to another Vienna city district.´

Ever since that time, the world's oldest zoo has also developed into one of the most beautiful and most modern, one which manages to unify its Baroque roots with cutting-edge zoo architecture.

Schönbrunn Zoo offers its visitors a breadth of experiences and fascinating information, also working at the forefront of major national and international projects aimed at species- and nature preservation.

13., Schönbrunn U4, Tram 10, 58, 60: Hietzing
Tel. 877 92 94-0