Wining & Dining in Vienna

A unique mix of East and West

Experience a tasting menu at the Steirereck, one of the best restaurants in the world, treat yourself in imperial style in the elegant atmosphere of Hotel Sacher, try the traditional everyday fare at a Wiener Beisl (Viennese pub), taste Viennese wine in one of the long-established Heurigen (taverns at wineries), or sample traditional Viennese street food at one of the many würstlstands. Our staff will be happy to give you their insider tips! As always, only a few minutes' walk away.

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No longer a big empire, but a diverse cuisine

Vienna has always been a melting pot of cultures - including culinary ones.  Especially in the late 19th century, hundreds of thousands of people moved here from all corners of the monarchy. Within a few years, the city became one of the largest in the world - and one of the most culinarily diverse.

To this day, classic Viennese cuisine draws upon these influences: traditional Viennese dishes such as schnitzel and boiled beef meet Bohemian pastries, Hungarian goulash meets Bavarian roast pork. The fact that Italy was also once part of the monarchy is still evident today in the generous use of anchovies, capers and lemons in Viennese cuisine - the mixture is called a “Wiener Garnitur” (Viennese garnish) after all. And the city's desserts and coffee house culture have been world-famous for centuries. 

In recent years, Vienna has also become increasingly international: there are now some excellent Chinese, Thai, Levantine and Arabic restaurants here.

Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Gulasch & Viennese charm

Pizza, Pasta & Amore

Sushi, Wan Tan & Sashimi

Fish, sea & more

International cuisine

Carnal desire & Street Food

It's all about the greens

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