A hotel as a work of art

We believe that art cannot be separated from life, it should be a part of everyday life. You’ll encounter it everywhere in our hotel: in the corridors and in the rooms, in the bar and in the wellness area - there’s scarcely a wall that is not graced by an artwork.

We also take care to flatter your senses with our furnishings. Our furniture may not be art, but it is often artful craftsmanship - such as the chandelier from Lladró in the entrance area or the chairs from the Wittmann furniture workshop in the lounge.

Here is a selection of the artists whose work is exhibited in our hotel:

Works by artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Gunter Damisch, Franz Grabmayr, Kiki Kogelnik, Tom Fleischhauer, Rosemarie Benedikt, Lucia Riccelli, Bernhard Ammerer, Elke Huala, Ute Aschbacher, Andrea Kalteis, Martin Veigl, Mauro Maugliani, Miguel Henz, Ludmilla Alexandrova, Emmerich Weissenberger, Katherina Mair, Dieter Koch, Margret Kohler-Heilingsetzer, Wolfgang Wiedner, Benedict, Loretta Stats, Veronika Zillner, Dejan Dukic and many more are symbols of the stylish individuality of our hotel Das Tyrol.

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