Concierge Service

Service is our passion

With us, you don’t just book a room, but also lots of good friends.

We run a hotel because we love being hosts, and the head of our hotel, Helena Ramsbacher, loves the Tyrol so much that she lives here! We look forward to pampering you and we are there for you in person 24 hours a day.

We will help and advise you no matter what you’d like to know. We’ll tell you what the weather will be like, or what’s happening in the city right now: which exhibitions are currently on, which world famous artist is having a concert during your stay, and of course, we’ll immediately book tickets for you; we’ll let you know the restaurants at which we personally like to dine  - or always wanted to - and promptly book you the best table. We order taxis, give directions, book tours or let you in on any of the secrets about Vienna you always wanted to know.

If you give us your dirty clothes in the morning, they will be given back to you in the evening  washed and ironed. And should you ever need medical help, we will take care of you, competently and discreetly.

We look forward to seeing you!

Helena Ramsbacher
and the team at Das Tyrol


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