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Lounge & Bar

Good taste plus a dash of daring

Both works Dolce Gabbana Man in Red and Women in Gold complete the trilogy by Attila Adorjan. As if he had painted them exclusively for our hotel, they skillfully bridge the gap between the bar and lobby. At the same time, they define space and color in the bar. In a casual, Baroque style, the heavy French curtains in red and gold emphasize the works of art. The onyx bar is lined with golden bar stools. With coordinated colors, the sophisticated seating by Wittmann and Kroupa invite you to relax. The charming little stools in red and gold were designed especially by our carpenter to match your favorite handbag. Yes, it’s the small, fine details that makes our hotel something special.

The extended livingroom

Our bar is not a typical hotel bar. Rather, it is something like an extended living room of the host Helena Ramsbacher. Exclusively accessible to our hotel guests we offer coffee and tea specialties and a small but fine selection of spirits and drinks. Whether you would like to escape from the busy city or if you need a relaxed space to work – we will do our best to cater your needs.

Everything but ordinary…

We do have a lot of talents, but we cannot do everything. This is why we have decided to work together with one of Vienna’s bests to incorporate our ideas for our bar. Hubert Peter is his name and when he is not out and about you can find him at ‘Bruder’. Everything but ordinary – this is Hubert’s idea of a good bar. He makes a lot of things himself such as his rosé-vermouth, for which he uses organic wine from Burgenland, organic brandy, and herbs from his own garden in Vienna. He serves it with tonic and an herbal bouquet. He also makes our delicious lemon soda himself. For teas, he relies on the organic products of the St. Charles pharmacy. When it comes to cola, he also relies on local products. He chooses Tirola Kola, which is a product from the Tyrolean Unterland. Pure mountain spring water, spruce needles, and pine, refined with the exotic kola nut – a regional, vegan cola creation that impresses with its sensational taste.

We do not have much in our bar, but what we have is of the highest quality. And the unobtrusiveness of our team contributes to a relaxed atmosphere. Come to us in the living room and let the day fade away between contemporary original artworks.

Guest opinions


"The breakfast was exceptional and was a great way to start each day. The staff in the café was exceptional and friendly."

Travel200855, TripAdvisor, 2019

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