Lounge & Bar

Good taste plus a dash of daring

The lounge of Hotel Tyrol is a very special place.

Shining, golden bar stools, plush red chairs, an illuminated onyx bar, large format paintings (some by Attila Adorjan), as well as our red and gold handbag stools, made by a carpenter especially for us. Our lounge is a place like no other in the city.

In the morning we serve breakfast; there’s coffee, tea and snacks all day long; and cocktails in the evening. If you don’t feel like being in your room, you can work in the bar with high speed internet, or you can simply take a seat, read the newspaper, and enjoy one of our excellent teas or cocktails. And if you’d like to meet your host, you’re in the right place: your chances are good that Helena Ramsbacher is also sitting in her extended living room.

Traditional European Medicine and the taste of the mountains

To drink at our bar means sampling the taste of Austria. Our teas come from the tea specialists Saint Charles Apotheke, connoisseurs of traditional european medicine, whose culinary adventures have been reported by the New York Times; our cocktail and drinks menu was put together by Hubert Peter, probably the most creative bartender in the city - he steeps his liqueurs and schnapps’ with maiwipferl (the fresh tips of the pine tree), dandelion and nettles he collects himself and makes his own vermouth from organic wine from Burgenland. Even our cola is something out of the ordinary: it comes from the mountains west of Austria, from Tirol, and is brewed there out of clear mountain water, spruce needles, Swiss pine and a little Colanut.

Guest opinions


"We had an excellent week-long stay. The small property is beautifully decorated and equipped with great attention to detail."

9Elfer, TripAdvisor, 2019

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